A shared mission: to develop technology that improves the world.

Anybody who has met our team will already know that a special atmosphere exists at Voltavision. This is firstly because we pursue a shared goal: a world in which technology is in harmony with people and nature. Secondly, because every individual counts at our company. Trust and confidence, as well as commitment and reliability, are the basic ingredients that enable us to achieve the best possible result at any time and on any project, and to fulfil our mission.

We are an agile, highly qualified team made up of great people with individual strengths. We love our jobs – and work with passion and drive. We work together to advance the development of electromobility – for a better and cleaner future.

  • Jan Kochsiek
    »I work at Voltavision because I want to contribute to an electromobile future and my job allows me to have my finger on the pulse. We are a friendly team and one in which I can achieve a lot while working flexible hours.«
    Jan Kochsiek
  • Lisa Wolf
    »Voltavision is like a sports team: everyone has their own tasks, contributes different approaches, ideas and strengths, and in their own way helps us to achieve our goals and visions together as a team.«
    Lisa Wolf
  • Nico Lu
    »I see Voltavision as being at the forefront of the electromobility race. As an agile company, I am allowed to take on significant responsibility by making my own decisions and shaping my own work.«
    Nico Lu
  • David Gresch
    »A clean and independent supply of energy would not be possible without reliable energy storage. At Voltavision, I can support the vision of smart energy use on its path towards our everyday lives.«
    David Gresch
  • Robin Langenkämper
    »Open communication at an equal level and a pronounced culture of errors make for a pleasant working relationship. What's more, the team can always be relied on, since problems, mistakes and uncertainties are clearly communicated, making it possible to take action at an early stage.«
    Robin Langenkämper
  • Max Ehl
    »I want to be part of a 'new' future and believe in the benefits of electric mobility. To help achieve this, I work in an agile work environment, with a great team and largely independently.«
    Max Ehl
  • Anna Jager
    »Working at Voltavision allows me combine my work and family life perfectly. Flexible working hours are written large here. I am just starting my second stint of parental leave – with the fantastic feeling that my team and bosses are honestly happy for me. And with the certainty that I will be able to return to my old position without any cutbacks. I appreciate that and I don’t take it for granted.«
    Anna Jager

When work doesn't feel like work

We know that work can be done differently from conventional concepts. Since 2017, we have been organising our team structure along the lines of a holacracy – with self-directing teams that make decisions faster, react agilely to changes and manage challenges independently. This is the ideal way for the various talents in our team to make their mark – and for us as a company to find the right solutions for our customers in an unbureaucratic way.

Want to help shape the future?

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