Your battery testing specialist – when things get busy and you need fast results.

Electric energy storage systems are key components in the shift to renewable energies and clean mobility. With our testing services, we support you in the development of your vehicle batteries. We uncover faults and weak spots at an early stage, verify the certifiability of your products and in doing so safeguard your development.

Efficient testing. Fast results.

We have been specialising in testing cells, modules and battery systems at Voltavision for more than 10 years. Our extensive experience and agile, flexible way of working mean that we can reliably deliver precise statements about your test scenarios in the shortest possible time – even when faced with unusual challenges. Our comprehensive test bench resources place us in the perfect position to deal with your projects even with short lead times. In addition our in-house development department with test bench engineering and construction as well as a comprehensive range of project services expedite the process and allow us to respond quickly to your needs.

Test your energy storage units – in all sizes.

We test cells, modules and battery systems of all kinds at our state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited testing facilities - D-PL-20464-01-00.

  • Cell Testing

    We have over 1,500 cell test channels distributed over more than 120 test chambers available to thoroughly test your OUTs – whether normatively or according to your individual specifications.

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  • Module Testing

    Test a wide variety of battery modules – with or without using additional technology for measuring individual cell voltages, cell temperatures and force and displacement measurements, with any type of cooling concepts.

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  • Battery Testing

    Put your entire battery system to the test. The main focus is placed on the interaction of all the battery components and the reliable functioning of the battery management system.

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Whatever you need: our test portfolio.

  • Obtain precise measurement data concerning the performance, service life characteristics, mechanical and functional electrical properties of your OUT. We conduct a wide range of tests for you – according to national and international standards or your own individual specifications.

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