Test a wide variety of battery modules at Voltavision.

Each module has its own special features: additional voltage and temperature sensors, internal or external balancing algorithms, complex force and displacement measurements and different cooling concepts. We test everything for you in a network, fully integrated into the test sequence and the recording of the measurement data.

Professional testing. High-quality results.

Our measurement data and test reports provide you with a reliable and accurate basis for the continued development of your prototypes or the certification of your modules. At our automated testing laboratories, we offer you a wide range of testing options for battery modules in any performance class. With our flexibility, creativity and vast expertise, we can accommodate even the most complex customer specifications.

  • Large capacities

    250 module test channels with small and large test chambers

  • Powerful

    Module tester with up to 300 V and 96 kW

  • Fast results

    Because of short decision-making paths

  • Certified quality

    in accordance with applicable standards

  • High safety

    Thanks to redundant measurement technology

  • Specialist know-how

    High-voltage test specialists since 2011

Our module test fields

Performance Data

With over 40 battery module test chambers available, we are almost always ready for your OUTs.

  • 400 l to 3,000 l volumes

  • Tests at up to 96 kW (300 V/1500 A-80 V/2400 A)

  • Temperatures from -40 to 130°C

  • Cooling capacity at up to 40 kW


A test stand monitor tracks the redundant voltage and temperature measurement systems and by doing so ensures compliance with the safety limits for your modules. It detects possible breakdown scenarios and initiates automated countermeasures such as nitrogen flushing, forced exhaust air and even water cooling.

Multiple Assignment

We can test several modules at the same time in our test chambers. This allows us to test OUTs in parallel with little effort – and in some cases independently.


Our Volta Cell Balancing Module is available for modules without a battery management system. In combination with our CSM (contacting system module), it controls the automated balancing of up to 96 cells in the OUT (2 A balancing current).

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