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Voltavision GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Allee 19
44801 Bochum

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Competence personified: your direct contacts.

  • Florian_Stahl_A.jpg
    Florian Stahl
    Team-/Project leader
  • Web-Portrait_Blanko.png
    Malte Wallbraun
  • Manuel_Prill_A.jpg
    Manuel Prill
    Module testing
  • Patrick_Wrobel_A.jpg
    Patrick Wrobel
    Resource coordination
  • Emil_Deak_A.jpg
    Emil Deak
  • Lisa_Wolf_A.jpg
    Lisa Wolf
    Head of Human Performance
  • Kai_Dammer_A.jpg
    Kai Dammer
    Team-/Project leader
  • Johann_Wiens_A.jpg
    Johann Wiens
    Maintenance & calibration
  • Katja_Bua_D.jpg
    Katja Buß
    Resource coordination
  • Web-Portrait_Blanko.png
    Alexander Körner
  • David_Gresch_A.jpg
    David Gresch
    Battery testing
  • Nico_Lu_A.jpg
    Nico Lu
  • Max_Ehl_A.jpg
    Max Ehl
    Seminars & trainings
  • Nils_Stentenbach_A.jpg
    Nils Stentenbach
  • Anna_Jager_A.jpg
    Anna Jager
    QM officer
  • Lukas_Akeme_A.jpg
    Lukas Akeme
    Cell testing
  • Melvin_Otte_A.jpg
    Melvin Otte
    Laboratory manager
  • Ferrit_Ertugrul_A.jpg
    Ferit Ertugrul
    QM officer
  • Kathrin_Ruff_A.jpg
    Katrin Ruff
    Marketing manager
  • Julian_Stentenbach_A.jpg
    Julian Stentenbach
  • Ralf_Piepel_A.jpg
    Ralf Piepel
  • Saskia_Wannik_A.jpg
    Saskia Wannink
    Seminars & trainings
  • jonas_hildebrandt_aa.jpg
    Jonas Hildebrandt
    Assistant to the management
  • blank.png
    Sarah Paschke
    Human Performance
  • Christina_Kliewer_A.jpg
    Christina Kliewer-Stahl
    Team-/Project leader
  • 97---marvin-leitmann-(3-von-8)-24d7.jpg
    Marvin Leitmann
  • Philipp_Liesen_A.jpg
    Philipp Liesen
    Maintenance & calibration
  • Christian_Emmerichs_A.jpg
    Christian Emmerichs
  • Web-Portrait_Blanko.png
    Wiebke Jörgensen
  • Christian_Ettner_A.jpg
    Christoph Ettner
    Team-/Project leader
  • Web-Portrait_Blanko.png
    Fabian Raschke
    Resource coordination

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