Apply to Voltavision: How to apply.

Do you want to apply to Voltavision, but want to know in advance what happens next? No problem! We'll guide you through the application process step by step and answer any questions you may have.

Step by step to your new job.

  • 1. Apply – preferably online

    If you want to make it easy for YOURSELF, send your documents in PDF format (no Office documents) to Lisa Wolf at If you want to make it easy for US, then apply directly online. You can also apply by smartphone. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • 2. We then review your documents

    We would like to give you feedback as soon as possible. At the same time, however, it is important for us to fully appreciate the effort you have put into your application. That's why we review your documents in peace and quiet based on the dual control principle. This may take a few days. So don't worry: You will definitely hear from us.

  • 3. What makes you the right candidate?

    If your application is included in the further selection process, you will receive an email from us where we ask you to answer a few questions. Here we want to get a feel for whether you fit into the spirit of Voltavision as an individual.

  • 4. Phone interview

    During the next step, we, Sarah or Lisa, will conduct a 30-minute telephone interview with you to get to know you better, introduce Voltavision to you in more detail and clarify any initial questions.

  • 5. Introductory talk on Teams

    If, after the phone call, both sides think, "cool, this could be a good fit!", a 60-90 minute discussion on Teams follows. Voltavisionaries, who you will potentially be working with closely, take part in this round of discussion. Here, you can also ask technical questions.

  • 6. Get-to-know-one-another day

    Still interested? If so, then we will invite you to a "get-to-know-one-another day". This give you the chance to experience the way we work and the atmosphere live in our offices, as well as get to know the other team members and gain an insight into our laboratories. Of course, it also gives us the chance to get to know you better as well.

  • 7. Interview

    Once we have clarified the personal parameters as best we can during our thorough application process, the final step is the appointment interview, during which we clarify all the contractual elements.


    We look forward to welcoming you on board as a new Voltavisionary! You can look forward to an exciting onboarding period and to becoming part of a larger vision: a vision of a cleaner and more climate-friendly future.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Where can I find your current job offerings?

You can find all our currently open positions on our Jobs page. Apart from that you can also send us your speculative application. More info on that can be found further below.

Can I write my degree dissertation at Voltavision?

You are welcome to apply to us without obligation in relation to your final dissertation. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer you a place, but we always try to create opportunities.

Can I apply for a position at Voltavision as a working student?

Please send us your application documents and let us know in which area you would like to gain experience. We will then check whether we can offer you a position.

Which documents should I include in my application?

Your application should convey an impression of who you are, what makes you tick and what inspires you. Please send us an individual cover letter explaining your motives and other important points. You should also send a CV and any relevant references/certificates.

Who should I contact with my application?

You are welcome to contact either Lisa Wolf or Sarah Paschke. We do not pay heed to formal language at Voltavision.

Who will contact me?

If you apply online through our website, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt showing that your application has been correctly submitted. As soon as your documents have been reviewed, Lisa or Sarah will contact you.

When will I get a response?

We know you put a lot of time into preparing your documents and because of that we want to examine them with the attention they deserve. The dual-control principle is also important to us. Therefore, our examination of your documents may take a few days, but we do try to give you feedback as soon as possible.

Can I also send you an unsolicited application?

Absolutely. You can send us your speculative application easily and upload your documents directly at the bottom of this page. We welcome getting to know interesting applicants and will be happy to consider whether we have a suitable vacancy to offer you.

What happens to my documents?

We process your application documents in a digital, access-protected database. It also goes without saying that we comply with the provisions of data protection law.

We retain your documents for a further 6 months if you are not accepted for a position after which we delete them in accordance with the regulations. If you wish and give us your consent, we can include you in our pool of applicants so that we can contact you again if we have suitable positions available for you. You can find detailed information in our Privacy Policy.

At what point is salary discussed?

Our application process is deliberately structured so that salary is only discussed at the end of the interview. We do this in accordance with our experience, which has taught us that it is much more important in the first step to find out whether your personality suits us and whether our structures and mindset suit you.

Hi, I’m Lisa. How can I help you?

If you have any specific questions about your application, our selection process or Voltavision in general, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to help you!

Lisa Wolf

Your HP specialist

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