We've achieved a breakthrough with our test chamber feed-throughs.

When load and signal lines need to be inserted into test chambers, two challenges often arise: firstly, the temperature and humidity conditions make the expensive cables and contacts suffer massively. Secondly, the breach in the chamber wall means that the test chamber is no longer reliably sealed, which impairs the validity of the measured values, wastes energy and also poses a safety risk.

The power and signal feed-throughs we have developed in-house allow cables to be connected to the outside and inside of the wall. This way, they represent a loss-free and safe transfer point between the test bench and the OUT. At the same time, they tightly seal the breach in the wall of the test chamber and make sure that the overall system is reliably capped.

Reliably sealed test chambers. Individually configurable.

Our DFP and DFS feed-throughs have been specially designed for use on battery test benches and we have been testing them in our own test facility for many years. Consequently, our products meet the special requirements of this application. That said, however, they also deliver excellent results in other scenarios.

Our heat- and cold-resistant feed-throughs can be configured with a variety of different plug-in types and we manufacture them for different test chamber wall thicknesses and diameters – exactly according to your individual specifications.

  • Space-saving

    Compact interface solutions

  • Reliable

    Testing minus any disruptive environmental influences

  • Time-saving & flexible

    For rewiring without any extra work

  • Safe & contact-protected

    Even with high voltages and currents

  • Customisable

    Dimensions and connections exactly as you require them

  • Proven quality

    Used throughout Germany

Feed-throughs for a variety of applications

Flexibly adaptable solutions for the reliable and tightly bundled routing and connection of load and signal lines.

  • DFP-2C-4S-card-preview.svg


    For load lines

    • Clean chamber seal
    • Clever interface
    • For outputs up to 1,200 A
    • Optional extensions
  • DFS-card-preview.svg


    For signal lines

    • Convenient interface
    • Simplifies cabling
    • Individually configurable
    • Temperature measurement, communication and much more
  • vovi_illu_komplex_products_lb-1800_02rz_lb-1800_1-8631.svg

    LB 1800.2C

    For power and sense lines

    • 2-channel cable feed-through
    • For safe contacting of high-voltage lines
    • High current proof up to 1.800 A
    • High voltage proof up to 1.500 V DC

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