Interfaces for high loads in confined spaces – our power feedthroughs.

Feeding load lines into test chambers represents a special challenge. Hard-to-lay cables have to be routed through the narrowest possible feed-throughs while maintaining high sealing requirements. Our power line feed-throughs provide a clever solution to this problem. Serving as transfer interfaces in the chamber wall, they are connected to the load lines on the outside just once. Inside the chamber itself, OUTs can then be connected flexibly and conveniently without having to come into renewed contact with the overall cabling – which is an enormous time-saver.

Power – just the way you need it.

We manufacture your feed-through flexibly according to your precise specifications. In this way, you make sure that your chamber is precisely sealed and is equipped in exactly the right way. The feed-through can be enhanced with optional features, for example, with a parallel switching set that allows additional load lines to be integrated for even higher currents. We will be happy to advise you on all the possibilities available to you and work with you to develop the right solution for your test chamber.

  • Time-saving

    Wire up OUTs quickly and easily

  • Reliable

    Safely capped overall system

  • Custom-made

    To match your chamber's wall thickness

  • Safe & protected

    Transfer high voltages & currents

  • Straightforward switching

    For instance, for an automated parallel circuit

  • High resilience

    With a compact, robust design

Features at a glance

DFP – Power feed-throughs

The clean closure of your test chamber equipped with the type of high performance interfaces required on test benches for high-voltage energy storage.

A perfect match or your chamber wall

We manufacture your feedthrough with exactly the right dimensions so that it reliably seals your chamber tightly – for testing without any disruptive environmental influences.

Extendable on request

Do you need higher currents or greater temperature resistance? Do you want to prevent condensation from forming at the contact points? We offer matching optional extensions.

Technical Specifications


Electrical strength

1.500 V DC

Ampacity [const.]

1.200 A

Temperature range

-40 °C … +125 °C

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Whether you already know how your power feedthrough needs to be configured or you have specific requirements that we should solve for you: Just contact me directly. We will find the right solution!

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