Precise transfer of measurement data in confined spaces - our signal bushings.

During energy storage tests, it is important to transfer large quantities of metrological signals precisely and without interference from inside test chambers. Two challenges in particular exist here: Firstly, the chamber must be capped so that it is not impaired, and the complex cabling work for the OUTs needs to be completed as quickly as possible.

Flexible connection. Cleanly sealed.

Our signal feed-throughs solve these challenges in a way that is as simple as it is clever: after the initial set-up, the flexibly configurable interface solution between the test chamber and the measurement technology just needs to be connected inside the test chamber, which saves on time and effort. And because the feed-throughs are designed individually for different wall thicknesses, they reliably seal the chamber hermetically against environmental influences.

The signal feed-throughs in the DFS series have more than proven themselves in our testing operations. These days, they can found being used reliably in laboratories all over Germany. Configure your signal feed-throughs to your precise needs – specify the dimensions, connections, interfaces and IP protection class standard.

  • Time-saving

    Wire up signal lines faster

  • Reliable

    Seals all standard chamber types

  • Custom-made

    To match your chamber's wall thickness

  • Freely configurable

    With the interfaces and connections you require

  • Easy assembly

    Single, straightforward installation

  • Compact & robust

    Designed for frequent OUT changes

Features at a glance

DFS – Signal feed-throughs

Route metrology signals out of your test chambers without interference and without compromising the sealing integrity of the chambers.

Exact match for your wall thickness

We adapt your feed-through to your chamber's wall thickness and the required diameter exactly so that it seals your chamber hermetically – with the IP protection class standard included on request.

The right interface for your needs

Configure the panels in line with your own ideas. We have a wide range of sockets and connectors to choose from.

Technical Specifications


Temperature range

-25 °C … +80 °C


Sensor, voltage, CAN, PT-100, Type-K; more available on request

Plug/socket types

Depending on your wishes and specifications

Standards currently available:


Ø 80 mm – length selectable


Ø 125 mm – length selectable


Ø 150 mm – length selectable

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