Transport OUTs easily from A to B: with our Voltalore.

When it comes to moving OUTs back and forth between the storage location and destination in the laboratory and integrating them into the test stand, a surprising amount of time is lost on transportation and additional legwork. To accelerate the set-up process, we have developed the Voltalore, a trolley designed to safely and conveniently transport OUTs including cells of various types.

Pragmatic, simple, good.

The Voltalore can accommodate several cells or modules at the same time and therefore saves on a great deal of legwork. The requisite tools can also be transported at the same time so that they are within easy reach at the test stand. If required, drawers or a tablet holder can be added to the equipment.

Like our other products, we developed Voltalore in-house at our own test facility, where it was thoroughly tested and refined. In the meantime, it is also being used successfully in other larger laboratories in Germany.

  • Convenient transport

    Of heavy and bulky OUTs

  • Safe transportation

    Bespoke production according to your specifications

  • Time-saving

    Have all the tools you need with you at all times

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