More convenience and organisation in the test chamber: with our Voltaframe.

Positioning battery and module OUTs in the correct place in the test chamber is important to ensure the requisite high precision of the measurement data. For example, if only a certain area of the test chamber is calibrated correctly, the OUT needs to be placed exactly there. At the same time, always using the same position for the OUT means that wiring and other work can be conducted in a faster, simpler and more organised manner.

Faster set-up. More precise testing.

We have developed the Voltaframe to make sure that you can set up reproducible tests in a convenient manner. The system consists of a set-up frame and a slide-in rack. This allows you to conveniently set up the OUT outside the test chamber and then easily insert into the chamber with the assistance of a forklift truck - for short set-up times accompanied by a high degree of safety. Additional removable test levels simplify the integration of OUTs, especially with narrow, elongated test chambers (e.g. the DM-2000). 

Our Voltaframe simplifies and speeds up routine work in the test environment significantly – not only in our own test laboratories, but in test facilities all over Europe.

  • Valid measurement series

    Precise, reproducible results

  • Optimal positioning

    Of OUTs in the test chamber

  • Rapid and sure

    Set up OUTs and integrate them into the test environment

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