Flexible cell contacting while maintaining a high level of performance with the KS-600.

The KS-600 represents a powerful and compact contacting system for prismatic cells that can also be equipped for both round and pouch battery cells. Thanks to its sophisticated, highly flexible design, the KS-600 only needs to be installed and wired once in the test chamber. Afterwards, the system can quickly be converted for different cell sizes and formats in just a few steps – representing a significant time saving.

Compelling Flexibility

The KS-600 can be scaled as required – for multiple test channels and according to the test chamber size. It can be combined with several of our contacting systems. We also have a wide range of optional accessories available – ranging from parallel switching sets to set-up aids. And if additional functions are something you need– simply contact us. We will be happy to adapt the system to your needs.

  • Efficient contacting

    Simple design and easy to use

  • Straightforward conversion

    Possible without special tools

  • High efficiency

    Continuous load at 600A (at 20°C)

  • Faster testing

    Short set-up times when changing OUTs

  • Low weight

    Minimal impact on test chamber performance

  • Customisable

    To the OUT and test chamber size

Features at a glance


The KS-600 is our most flexible solution for reliably contacting all types of cells.

For a wide variety of cell types

Our KS-600 can also accommodate round cells in combination with our KSR-150 and KSR-OS-150 contacting systems. We offer appropriate support adapters for pouch cells.

Widely scalable

Combine several KS-600 to create the desired number of test channels in your test chamber.

Options & extensions

We have numerous additional equipment options available, ranging from quick-release clamps and gold-plated contacts to plug sockets and handy set-up aids.

Technical Specifications



600 A (at max. 20 °C)

Temperature range

-40 °C … +80 °C

Cell formats for prismatic cells

DIN 91252:2016-11; Tabe 1: PHEV1, PHEV2, HEV1, HEV2, BEV1 to BEV4 and more

Cell formats for pouch cells (with conversion kit)

DIN 91252:2016-11; Table 5: HEV, PHEV1, PHEV2, BEV1 and many more

Optional extensions:

Cable duct & frontal sockets for sensor and temperature lines

Gold plating contact elements

Quick release for advanced operation

Cable set for sensor and temperature lines

Parallel switching set for achieving higher currents

Extension set for pouch cells of different sizes

Extension set for round cells of different sizes

Extension set for special format round cells

Set-up aid for prismatic cells

Set-up aid for round cells

Clamping plate set

Hi, I’m Marvin. Do you need assistance?

Whether you are already sure how you want to configure your KS-600 or still need advice on equipment and extensions of the system - just contact me. I will be happy to help you directly and without obligation.

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