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Knowledge forms the basis and prerequisite for the safe handling of new technologies. Modern energy storage systems achieve ever higher energy and power densities and pose an enormous risk if handled carelessly. Our seminars and training courses equip your team to handle high-voltage systems and to use testing equipment properly – for the success of your tests.

Our experienced employees convey practical knowledge and are happy to offer their expertise to answer any questions that arise during the events. Our seminars can be modified and expanded to meet your individual needs.

Use our experience to your benefit – for more safety, precision and efficiency in your testing operations.

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Seminars and training courses at a glance

ESD basic training

This three-day training course provides you with an overview of the basic functions of the "Scienlab Energy Storage Discover" software program. In small groups, participants learn to use ESD to oversee projects and automate simple test procedures on their own. We also provide a look at the software interface and the programming environment. In addition, we introduce the basic tools for visualising and evaluating measurement data.

This basic training course is aimed at ESD users at different levels, but also at anyone interested from marketing and sales.

ESD advanced training

In this five-day training, participants learn to automate complex test procedures with Scienlab Energy Storage Discover. Using practical exercises, we teach how to set up external measurement technology, how to configure various measurement set-ups in the ESD interface and how to use the communication interfaces on the test bench. 

In terms of content, the training builds on the ESD basic training course. Completion of this training or appropriate prior knowledge is a prerequisite.

Basics of lithium-ion batteries

Lithiumbasierte Batterien stellen aktuell und auch in naher Zukunft den mit Abstand bedeutendsten Anteil an Energiespeichern für die Elektromobilität dar. Auch in anderen Anwendungsbereichen findet die Technologie verstärkt Einzug. Um sicher und effizient mit diesen Batterien arbeiten zu können, ist ein grundlegendes Verständnis der Funktion, der Eigenschaften und Risiken unverzichtbar.

Lithium-based batteries currently represent by far the most important share of energy storage systems for electromobility and will continue to do so in the near future. The technology is also being used increasingly in other areas of application. In order to be able to work safely and efficiently with these batteries, a basic understanding of their function, properties and risks is indispensable.

In the training course, we address lithium-ion batteries used in the automotive industry. We talk about the basics, such as cell chemistry, fundamentals for testing and design layout up to the pack.

We cover the following topics in the seminar:

  • Different lithium technologies

  • General function of accumulators

  • Construction of lithium-ion cells

  • Technical terms (definitions and correlations)

  • Cell safety mechanisms

  • Hazards (chemical, thermal and electrical)

  • Cell, module and battery system basics

  • Battery management systems (layout, functions, interfaces)

  • Safety devices at battery system level

  • Thermal management

  • Practical training of the contents conveyed

Technical training, a degree or a basic understanding of electrical engineering is a requirement.

Run-up support for Scienlab/Keysight laboratories

Our run-up support enables you to use your new test equipment in your Scienlab/Keysight test laboratory wisely and properly. We train you extensively in your individual work activities. This equips you with directly applicable knowledge for your routine testing.

Streamlining your laboratory operations

This is all about professional exchange. We advise you on all questions concerning the maximum possible efficiency, validity and safety of your test facilities as well as other, individual aspects relevant to you.

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