Simple, flexible, reliable: Contacting systems for battery cells.

Short set-up times, variable OUT formats, high quality standards: cell contacting in battery testing laboratories represents a highly involved task. Thanks to our simple and well-designed contacting systems, you can safeguard the validity of your test series and minimise set-up and dismantling times.

Developed for test operations, our contacting systems combine simple handling with robust designs and outstanding adaptability while maintaining a consistently high quality of contact. We incorporate the knowledge and experience we gain from our testing practice into our developments on an ongoing basis. So that you can be sure our contacting systems are a well-established part of our laboratory operation.

Cell contacting. The smart way.

Our cell contacting systems can be easily integrated into electrical measurement technologies. They are flexibly scalable and thus help to make efficient use of test room capacities. Smart construction methods and first-class materials provide for durable solutions that can be easily integrated into your test set-up.

  • Proven quality

    Used in testing laboratories throughout Europe

  • Reliable readings

    Reliable, constant contacting quality

  • Practical

    Developed in the testing laboratory for the testing laboratory

  • Robust design

    Designed for frequent OUT changes

  • Fast conversion

    Thanks to an efficient, convenient design

  • Flexibly extendable

    Combined systems possible

Contacting systems for all standard cell formats

Our product portfolio delivers simple, highly flexible and scalable contacting systems – no matter the cell format you want to test.

  • KS-600-card-preview.svg


    Contacting prismatic cells

    • Flexible, compact, efficient
    • Other cell types per adapter
    • Scalable according to need
    • Single installation
  • KSF-600-card-preview.svg


    For pouch cells in various formats

    • Flexibly adjustable
    • Contacting on one or two sides
    • High current carrying capacity
    • Standalone or with slid-in rack system
  • KSP-300-card-preview.svg


    For prismatic cells

    • Pragmatic contact solution
    • Simple & quick to integrate
    • Durable design
    • Ideal use of the installation space
  • KSR-150-card-preview.svg


    For various round cell formats

    • Simple and robust
    • 150 A current rating
    • For 18-26 mm cell diameters
    • Optionally extendable to Ø 60 mm
  • KSR-OS-150-card-preview.svg


    For round cells with one-sided tabs

    • Reliable & fast
    • 150 A current rating
    • Robust quality
    • Extendable, scalable
  • vovi_illu_komplex_products_esf-45_02rz_esf-45_1-7c49.svg


    For smaller format pouch cells

    • Fast and reproducible contacting
    • Unit of insert and clamping plates
    • Space-saving design
    • High test quality
  • vovi_illu_komplex_products_esr-45_02rz_esr-45_2-ab2f.svg


    For various cylindrical cells

    • High test quality due to optimized cell carrier
    • Easy integration into the test chamber
    • Fast and reproducible contacting of cylindrical cells
    • Space-saving design

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