Multilateral contacting solution for single-sided tabs: the KSR-150-OS.

We have developed the KSR-150-OS specifically for contacting cylindrical cells with tabs on one side only. Like its two-sided sister model, this contacting system is also marked by a clever mechanical design and first-class materials, which enable safe and simple contacting with a consistently high test quality.

We have incorporated our experience from our own day-to-day testing work into the development of the KSR-150-OS. The result is a simple, well-designed system that functions perfectly even under high loads. It can be optionally upgraded for particularly large-format cells. Used as an adapter, the KSR-150-OS also allows single-sided cylindrical OUTs to be contacted on the KS-600 contacting system.

  • Simple design

    For easy wiring and installation

  • Reliable

    Even under difficult test conditions

  • Short set-up times

    Quickly installed and converted

  • Flexible mounting

    For different cell diameters

  • Extendable

    For even larger cell formats

Features at a glance


The KSR-150-OS is a simple but robust system for contacting cylindrical cells with single-sided tabs.

Intelligent mechanical design

Details such as the insulated sensor measurement system with inbuilt replaceable test probe and the recess for outlet valves on the cell holder make the system a practical solution.

Flexible cell sizes

Our KSR-150-OS can accommodate cells with a diameter of 46 mm by default. Other sizes are available on request. Up to 60 mm can be achieved with our optional KSR-150-OS-LR extension.

Technical Specifications


Ampacity [const.]

150 A

Temperature range

-40 °C … +80 °C

Cell holder

Ø 46 mm; more available on request

Optional extension:

Extended cell formats

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