Compact temperature control of cells and modules: with our Voltacooler VC4.1.

Our Voltacooler VC4.1 was especially developed for controlling the temperature of battery modules and cells. It comes equipped with a cooling circuit with adjustable temperature and volume flow. A robust pump with maintenance-free magnetic coupling ensures that the water-glycol mixture in the Voltacooler 4.1 circulates through the DUT.

The VC4.1 is available in a both water-cooled (VC4.1W or in a flat design as the VC4.1W-Flat) and air-cooled version (VC4.1L). All connections are located on the rear of the unit in all versions, so that the VC4 can be installed in a space-saving way. In the standard design, the units are stackable. The flat version (VC4.1W-Flat) can even be placed under the test chamber and so takes up even less floor space.

Easy integration into your test environment

Our powerful PLC takes over the control of the units. The connection to your test bench automation is made simple by Modbus-TCP and CAN bus. The VC4.1 can also be controlled and monitored manually using the touchscreen on the front panel.

To reduce the potential for greenhouse gases, we use the refrigerant R-449A in the Voltacooler. Its low GWP5 value means that it can also be used in new systems in the long term.

We have designed our Voltacoolers specifically for use in our own test laboratories. In this way, they meet all the requirements for controlling the temperature of energy storage DUTs. For more specific requirements in terms of performance, dimensions or equipment, we would be happy to refine our standard devices even further for you – simply contact us with your needs.

  • Compact set-up

    Small footprint, clever design

  • Ergonomic performance

    Specially designed for cells & modules

  • Easily integrated

    Over powerful interfaces

  • Versatile versions

    For different testing environments

  • Environmentally friendly

    Through the use of R449-A refrigerant

  • Proven quality

    In laboratory use throughout Germany

Features at a glance

Voltacooler VC4.1

The VC4.1 is equipped with a cooling circuit that features temperature and volume flow control. All connections on the compact unit are located on the back - for a truly space-saving set-up.

Also air-cooled

If you do not have a water connection, you can use the VC4.1L air-cooled version, which for the most part is identical in design.

Powerful performance, compact housing

Thanks to its extra-flat design, the VC4.1W-Flat can be housed below the test chamber to save space. Its performance corresponds to that of the standard version.

Technical Specifications

Voltacooler VC4.1

Temperature control range

-25 °C to -70 °C

Volumetric flow control range

0.2 to 7 l/min

Control range pressure

0 to 2 bar (depending on consumer circuit)

Total cooling capacity

1.3 kW at -25 °C

1.8 kW at -20 °C

2.4 kW at -15 °C

3.0 kW at -10 °C

3.8 kW at -5 °C

4.7 kW at 0 °C

5.7 kW at +5 °C

6.8 kW at +10 °C

8.2 kW at +15 °C

Heating capacity

6 kW at 70 °C

Power supply

400 V AC over 16 A CEE


900 x 600 x 1,330 mm

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